High Production TSA Coating Machine

High Production Arc Spray Systems

Precision Arc 4.8 CE

"High Energy High Deposition Metalizing"

Recommended Use: Large scale onsite / field use requiring ultra high production and portability. Can be operated manually or automated. using  3/16" dia.; Aluminum, Zinc/ Aluminum (85/15) or Zinc.

The PRECISION ARC 4.8 utilizes our Arc Shorting Control technology. In the early 90s, this patented technology vaulted TSA to the forefront of High Production Arc Spray.

It was the first Twin Wire Arc Spray System or metalizing system to reliably spray large diameter materials, to include 3/16" dia. pure zinc, 3/16" dia. aluminum and their alloys, for field application of corrosion coatings. The earlier model of this system was developed for spraying bridges. Typically, the bridge model would spray at 400-450 amps. The PRECISION ARC 4.8 is designed to spray at 650 amps which results in a 42% increase in production.

Whether it is TSA (thermal sprayed aluminum) or TSZ (thermal sprayed zinc) the large scale metalizing projects which are being done for the corrosion market have been increasing each year because of TSA unique technology. The major growth industries for metalizing include Oil and Gas such as refineries and off-shore structures, wind towers, municipal water towers, a variety of Military applications and many applications by the Army Corps of Engineers in our nation’s water ways.

Precision Arc 4.8 Spray SystemThe advantage of Big Wire Metallizing is extremely valuable especially when it comes to the field application of pure zinc, pure aluminum or 85/15 or zinc / aluminum alloy. Contractors have claimed one machine spraying 3/16" diameter wire will accomplish more work than two machines spraying 1/8" diameter wire at the same energy level. This is where the term "Low Energy High Deposition" comes from. The Precision Arc is a High Deposition Process, whereas high deposit efficiency is achieved at high amperage levels. With the ability of the PRECISION ARC 4.8 to spray at 650 amps you can deposit 58% more material per hour of production than a machine spraying 1/8" material at 400 amps. This relates to an increase from a deposition of 80 pounds per hour to 190 pounds per hour. "Clearly the highest production metalizing (arc spray) machine on the market!"

Whether you are metal spraying or rather metalizing zinc for onsite galvanizing or aluminum (TSA, Thermal Sprayed Aluminum) the Precision Arc 4.8 is the Metalizing workhorse you need in your arsenal of tools for a successful corrosion protective coating.


  • Heavy Duty Wire Straighteners
  • Remote Amperage And Voltage Meters With Control At The Feeder
  • Arc Shorting Control Technology
  • Exclusive Modular Construction
  • Deposit Efficiency; Aluminum 75%, Zinc 70-% , 85/15, Zinc Aluminum 70%
  • Emergency Shut Off
  • HD Hi Temp Machine Components
  • TSA Exclusive Ergonomic Handle

All components are factory built to be "plug and play": no tools are needed when connecting components. Connection errors have been eliminated because each fitting is unique to itself.


PA 4.8 Package:

Feeder Cart Mount Feeder set up to run 3/16" dia. spray wires, can be detachable for use in small ( down to 24") entrance areas

Front End Assembly with Fan Spray Head

Industrial Cart with high profile dust sealed wheels, heavy duty construction  for shop or field use. Easily hung or rolled about the harshest environments.

Control Box modular constructed for quick change of complete control box or internal components, also interchangeable with any model of our TSA Arc Spray Machine

650 Amp Power Supply @ 100% duty cycle

50 ‘ Control / Power Lead, specifically designed for TSA systems using advancements such as shielded conductors for EMF protection, and a tough outer jacket resistant to cuts and abrasion to maximize service life.

Extensive Spare Parts Kit

Tool Kit contains tools to service the equipment plus special items for convenience.

Power and Air Requirements:

  • 650 amps @ 100% duty cycle; 50/60 HZ. / 208, 230, 400, 440, 575 volts. * CE models available.
  • Aluminum; 53 lbs. an hour, 334 sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • Zinc; 190 lbs. an hour, 472 sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • 85/15 (zinc aluminum); 136 lbs. an hour, 431 sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • Air Consumption, 90- 110 psi at 60 cfm.,1/2 " IPS/ NPT Connection


  • Extended Front End Leads
  • Small wire Change over kits; 1/16" (1.6 mm), 2 mm, 3/32" (2.3 mm) **
  • Jet Force Head; for low density coatings applied at high velocities. I.e. Engineered coatings for sizes, 1/16", 2mm, 3/32" or 1/8" dia.
  • Angle spray nozzle:  for tight hard to reach areas
  • 450 amp Invertor: 450 amp 100% duty cycle, 118 lbs. Lightweight and portable.
  • Remote Drum Feed System: for use of large payoff drums up to 150’ from work site
  • Precision Drum Dispenser: allows use of large payoff drums of zinc or 85/15 (zinc aluminum)
  • Precision Reel Dispenser: for use of large aluminum reels (equivalent to zinc payoff drums)
  • Flame Retardant Covers: Cart, feeder or large payoff drums
  • Keyed Emergency Shut Off for Supervised lock out
  • Spray Material: Zinc, Aluminum (1100 or 1350) or 85/15 Zinc Aluminum, which are manufactured to TSA specific specifications.
  • Custom Products: we can engineer, design and build industry or customer specific components and systems.

TSA Machine with 4.8 mm of wire diameter


In Operation


TSA Precision Arc 4.8

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